Guru Nanak Studies Centre

India has produced great thinkers and social leaders who, by their revolutionary and path breaking thoughts and actions, have left a lasting impact not only on India, but the world as a whole. The UGC started the scheme of the Epoch Making Social Thinkers of India for disseminating the ideas of  these great  thinkers and philosophers.

 Under this scheme Guru Nanak Studies Centre was established in our college in 2006. This centre conducts a certificate course and aims to reinstall and reinforce moral values among young students. Lecture series on teachings of guru nanak and bhaktas like kabir, farid and other contributers of guru granth sahib are conducted.Sehaj Samanvay – a celebration of inter faith harmony and peace  is a regular event. A number of Intra and Inter college activities like debates ,paper presentations,poster making, kirtan/sufi /bhajjan singing competitions are organized.National seminar and field trips are also an annual feature.