Evaluation is a key aspect of learning and the college understands the importance of continuous and varied assessment. The college ensures that its internal assessment practices are fair, transparent and in harmony with the standards of the University of Delhi.

A significant component of the internal assessment is the attendance achieved by the student as it is an excellent measure of the regularity and discipline of the student. Students are required to maintain 67% attendance to be eligible for semester examinations and achieve marks on the basis of their attendance percentage.

The other component of internal assessment is constituted by a comprehensive process of tests, assignments, presentations, projects and class participation. The college understands that a diversity of practices within an organized framework is the cornerstone of fair and efficient assessment. To this purpose, the college allows relative autonomy to the different constituent departments and faculty members to assess their students alongside a process of regular feedback that comes from the students.

The faculty members ensure that corrected scripts, answer sheets are duly returned to the students so that they can take stock of their own progress. This emphasis is reinforced in the evaluation process which apart from the usual process of written and oral periodic examinations also stresses upon the necessity of individual feedback. The students are also encouraged to rework, revise in order to improve their written and oral skills as well as their grades. In doing so, the college also ensures that it remains within the guidelines and rules set up by the University of Delhi.

Prior to the semester examinations, the students are informed of their full internal assessment score and attendance percentage. Such a structure ensures that both faculty members, students and the office staff remain accountable for their roles. 

Internal Assessment MAY JUNE 2016