1. All India Scholarship

 All India Entrance Scholarship Examination for 1st year Hons. students (conducted by the University of Delhi):

Amount of Scholarship                                                      Rs.250/- per month for three year (passed 10+2 examination with minimum                                                                                                                                                       of 55% marks in aggregate).

Last date of receipt of Application in University                  1st September, 2016

Examination Fee                                                                     Rs.50/-

Further details can be collected from the office.

2. Shri Sultan Chand Memorial Scholarship

It shall be awarded strictly by merit to a student of B.Com(Hons.) 3rd year & B.Com(Hons.) 2nd year who secures the highest % of marks and above 70%. For details consult the office.

3. Sushma Gupta Memorial Scholarships

Five attractive scholarships are given every year to needy and academically bright and upcoming students .This scholarship is open to students from any subject .This is awarded in the memory of Mrs. Sushma Gupta, who was a faculty member in the Department of Hindi.

4. Shri S.M.Puri Memorial Scholarships

Five attractive scholarships are given each year to needy students. Three Trophies are given to academically bright and upcoming students. These Scholarships are open to all the students of the college.

Financial Assistance to Students

Partial or full fee concession may be granted to the economically weak students. Application for fee concession must be submitted on the prescribed form obtainable from the Accounts Section, duly supported by an income certificate attested by the Magistrate/Civil Officer/Employer. The application complete in all respects must be submitted to the accounts section, latest by August for each academic session.

Fee Concessions granted are subject to good conduct, regular attendance and satisfactory progress in studies and may be withdrawn anytime if a student is found neglecting any of these.

Students belonging to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes are awarded Post-Matric Scholarships by the Directorate of Education, Delhi Administration. Forms will be available in the College Office. These should be filled in neatly, accompanied by necessary certificates/documents before submission in the office.

All forms will be available in the college office free of charge. In addition to the above concessions, ad-hoc grants may be given from “Student Aid Fund”. Students desiring to avail this must contact the Convenor of Students Aid Committee.

Notices of scholarships granted by Delhi Administration, University of Delhi or other agencies are displayed on the College Notice Board from time to time as and when they are received. 

Shri Vijay Chandola Memorial Fund will be given to the needy students of the college.