Department of Hindi 

This department was established in the year 1969. As per criteria decided by Delhi University and SPMC, students are competent at entry level. Most of the students in this department come from middle class and lower middle class. Many of them have rural background and are not proficient in english. 

Diversity of Students:

Students in this department come various socio-economic background. 

Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning:

Word processor and presentation software having capability for Hindi Font has been installed in our computer Lab for facilitating students to acquire computer skills for working in Hindi Language. We have LCD projectors in many classrooms for using computer based learning as a tool for enhanced student teacher interaction. We encourage our students to prepare their students in PPT format and that too using Hindi Font. The projectors are also used to show syllabus related relevant and meaningful films. 

Name of Interdisciplinary courses and the departments/units involved:

GE papers are offered to the students of other than Hindi hons.  The Delhi university has introduced various interdisciplinary courses/papers such as Reading Gandhi, Environmental Studies, Language, Literature and culture etc. B.El.Ed and students also need to study language paper.

Annual/semester/choice based credit system:

CBCS for 1st hons. And Prog. Sem for 2nd Hons. And Prog.  

Student teacher ratio is:

Hons. - 40:1

Prog. courses - 60:1

Passing percentage is 100%.

Hindi department is actively involved in various research and academic activities.

- Dr, Asha Joshi and Dr. Shivani George are doing a project under Innovative Research Programme of university of Delhi

- Dr. Sadhna Sharma has completed two projects under Innovative Research Programme of University of Delhi.

- Dr. Geeta Sharma did post doctoral research on "Europe Main HIndi"(Central and Eastern Europe).

Visiting Faculty/List of eminent academicians and scientists/visitors to the Department:

Shri Narendra Kohli, Smt. Maitreyi Pushpa and Ms. Maria Nijeshi (From Budapest) visited our dept. And gave lecture and also interacted with our students.


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