Department of Education

This department was established in the year 1977.The department aims at providing a variety of experiences to its students during the course of their study. Among others, these include field visits, seminars, workshops, classroom discussions, academic presentations, movie screenings and reviews, book reviews etc. Over the course of years, with greater availability of resources, use of power point presentations, images, animations and documentaries have become a norm rather than an exception in the teacher education classroom.Students are encouraged to actively participate in the discussion. In order to ensure adequate opportunities of engagement with the teachers as well as with each others, students are organized in different small groups for periodic tutorials and workshops.

The Department of Education follows the curriculum as prescribed by the University of Delhi. The courses provide flexibility to individual teachers to decide on teaching modes, projects and assignments.  The curriculum provides a framework for the teacher to decide on the readings and the width of topics to be covered, keeping in mind the needs and backgrounds of the learners.

The faculty members are also engaged in curriculum review committees at both the university and school level.

 Name of Interdisciplinary courses and the departments/units involved-

The department of education involves cooperating departments such as  mathematics, political science and English for its courses. Apart from permanent faculty members , the department also employs visiting faculty and resource person for specific subject specialization and conducting regular workshops.

Annual/semester/choice based credit system (programme wise): 

Both the courses of the department of education are conducted in an annual mode.

The department has large lecture rooms as well as smaller discussion/ tutorial rooms exclusively available for different kinds of teaching learning engagement. The college multi purpose hall, auditorium and ground is used for extension activities.

In addition to the college library and computer rooms, the department has a Resource Room with facilities for computer use and internet. Further, the resource room provides books, CDs and educational games and videos that students can use regularly for their own enrichment as well as using in the schools where they intern. Effort has been made to ensure availability of a variety of learning material including textbooks, reference books, journal and children’s literature and books. CDs include educational videos, documentaries, biographies, and suitable movies from popular cinema.

Students show case their work through bulletin boards and wall magazines as also from annual exhibitions organized in the college premises. The department also occasionally publishes a departmental magazine.

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