Department of Geography

Geography is a significant subject of humanities which beautifully blends physical and social sciences. It has both practical and theoretical value with application opportunities in diverse areas.

The Department of Geography was established in the year 1994-95 for B.A (Prog) students. Since then it has been a very important subject option for B.A (Prog) students. The focus of the curriculum is mainly upon Physical, human, economic, socio-cultural and environmental aspects. It also incorporates Regional Planning and Development, Land Use and Agriculture, urban & Social Geography , GIS & Remote sensing, cartography apart from the wide ranging computer, research and analytical skills.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that B.A (Hons) in Geography in our college has been approved by University of Delhi. Its final nod from UGC is eagerly awaited by the college, so that it can be started from the forthcoming academic session (2016-17).


Geography cannot be taught successfully without the use of audio – video tools. We have a small geography Lab enriched in Maps, topographic sheets, weather maps, globe etc.  We always prepare the teaching –learning process as student centric.  Our students have free access to the college library. The library is open on all working days. The Geography section of the library is very rich. Some books are personally collected by the teacher from the book fairs apart from the regular updations every year. Magazines like National Geographic, Environment and Down to Earth are prescribed. They are a good source material for students.  Library also provides computers and internet facilities to the students.

Method of Teaching

Various student & subject centric methods are used for teaching learning process like lectures, tutorials, discussion, field excursions, presentations, movie screenings etc. Emphasis is on open discussion & interaction in the class so that the atmosphere becomes lively & provides freedom of expression. Teachers and students frequently use print & electronic media for keeping themselves updated in any geographical event and activity happening all over the world. Students are actively involved in such activities. A Huge Display board outside the Geography lab is regularly updated with such activities. Faculty of the department actively takes part in workshops, seminars, conferences, examination work, and curriculum building from time to time.

Socio –economic diversity of the students.

The Geographical location of our college in West Delhi is such that it caters to the students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Perhaps this is the only girl’s college in West Delhi with its big catchment area, so much so that a large number of girls commute daily from rural urban fringe areas to our college. College keeps the records of the background of the students.

Interdisciplinary courses with Geography

Geography as a discipline is available with the following combinations. Student opting for (B.A Prog)- Geography can choose from the following combinations:

Geography- Economics

Geography- Computer science

Geography- Political science

Geography – History.