Department of Sociology

The department of Sociology was established in 1990 with the B.A Programme course. The focus of the course is two-fold (1) to introduce main sociological concepts and theories to the students and (2) to relate and link the theoretical understanding to the actual experiences of life. Sociology inspires the students to view the daily events from a larger perspective and to understand society in a better and critical way.
The B.A Programme consists of Papers such as Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of India, Sociological Theories and Methods of Sociological Enquiry. These Core courses cover a wide range of topics like culture, socialization, caste, class, tribe, village, women's movements, Dalits' movement, communalism, secularism, classical thinkers such as Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber. Through the study of Sociology, students learn to question the inequalities and injustices prevalent in the society. This better and evolved understanding helps in their personality development. 

The faculty strives towards giving knowledge that is beyond books. Classroom lectures are full of references to the current social events. We rely heavily upon the use of movies, newspapers, posters etc. Evaluation is a continuous process that takes place through assignments, presentations, projects, tests and examination. Tutorials are held to establish conceptual clarity and clear their doubts. Students are motivated to participate in various co-curricular activities for their personality enhancement.

 The department believes in sharing a good rapport with the students which is reflected in easy accessibility of the faculty to the students. Adequate guidance is provided to their future course of action. Additional information regarding admission to various universities and institutes is always given to the final year students. They are constantly informed about the latest job prospects and opportunities post graduation.      


Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning-

In the classroom lecture-sessions, there is an emphasis on interaction and discussion. Students are encouraged to express their views. In addition to the reference list, analysis and use of movies, graffiti, posters, advertisements, television shows is also a part of the syllabus as prescribed by the department.

The faculty regularly updates itself by attending refresher courses, workshops and conferences. A healthy atmosphere between students and teacher is maintained and adequate guidance is provided to the students through career-counselling. The faculty always strives towards an overall development of the students.