Department of Applied Psychology  

The department of Applied Psychology was established in the year 2006 in the college. Being one of the youngest departments of the college it has been nurtured and groomed like a sapling which is now thriving along with other courses offered by the college. Psychology as a subject is the scientific study of human behavior and applied psychology uses approaches and findings of psychology to resolve practical difficulties of human behavior and experience. Thus being a inter disciplinary course which offer lots of scope to other departments and even borrows from others like History, Sociology, Education, Math, Political Science, Literatures, etc. The department offers the students an opportunity to probe into the human phenomenon and sensitize them towards the happenings of society and help them not only in becoming professional psychologists but a responsible and sensitive individual who respects & nurtures human diversity.

At present there are 6 faculty members and 1 lab attendant and over 100 students who are pursuing these courses. Courses offered by the department include:   

      ·   B.A. Hons Applied Psychology (3 Year Course) (CBCS & Semester Mode )

         ·  Generic Elective

     The undergraduate program of Applied Psychology has been designed in such a way that it provides both theoretical as well as practical knowledge in various sub-domains of psychology such as Applied Social Psychology, Cultural Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Research Methodology, as well as developmental psychology etc. All these papers are supplemented with practical papers for training students in different forms of assessment and research. To enhance the teaching learning process various pedagogical tools are used such as case studies, lectures, audio-visual aids, role-plays, projects , in house paper presentations,  seminars, talks by eminent speakers, movie screenings, and workshops. The department and its students have closely worked with various organizations and many N.G.O.s like Chetna , Vasthalya , Amarjyoti  and hospitals like RML, Lady Irwin  Ganga Ram, Escorts , Fortis and other similar organizations to help individuals with mental and emotional problems. Since its inception in 2006, the department has been producing university toppers and its result has been nearly 99%. Students of the department at present are placed in varied work settings as counselors & special educators in schools, clinics, hospitals and non-government organizations; some are working as faculties in schools & colleges and others in organizations .

     Students as well as teachers are also extensively involved in various research projects to enhance their research skills as well as knowledge of the subject matter. MENTAL HEALTH Day is organized in college every year since 2007  where assessment of college students are carried out on various aspects like personality, aptitude, intelligence, self-esteem etc. feedbacka and interventions are also provided to those who require and are interested.