Family & Child Welfare Department

Family and Child Welfare is one of the papers offered in B.A programme. It is a sought after course with Practical input. The course under the CBCS scheme would now be called as Human Development and Family Empowerment (HDFE). The first two semesters deal with Human Development through the life span and Child Development in particular. Other papers include Empowerment of Women, Child Rights, Early Childhood Care and Education, Organization and Management of Child care services. We also train Preschool Educators. There are two permanent faculty members with teaching experience of more than 20 years each. We have a well-equipped laboratory exclusively for our department and a departmental library which is easily accessible during college hours.

The activities of the department include workshops on preparation of Low cost Teaching Aids, Legal literacy, Theater Workshop etc. Lectures by experts are delivered from time to time. Competitions and Visits are conducted besides regular practicals. The students are placed in Nursery schools for a short duration for practical training. The strength of the subject lies in the fact that it is very relevant to understanding developmental and socio-economic issues related to children and women and is as such of value in the realities of their daily lives. The subject has a vocational orientation and students find employment in Nursery schools and NGO’s and even in National Welfare Programmes for Women and Children.

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