Editorial Board

“Shyama”, the college magazine, is published annually by Shyama Prasad Mukherji College. It is produced with the intent to harness and encourage the creativity and talent of students and faculty members, and to provide a forum for them to express their views and opinions on various topics. The magazine is divided into three sections: Sanskrit, Hindi and English – reflecting the vibrant multilingual character of the college. The Editorial Board comprises teachers from the respective departments, who work in collaboration with student editors. Every year there is an influx of articles and creative pieces. The Editorial Board sifts through the material gathered and identifies potential writers and pieces, with the aim of honing their writing skills. After the required editing and formatting the final draft is sent to the publisher.

Here is the list of editors:

Faculty Editors

1) Madhav Gopal

2) Amit Kumar Sharma

3) Gita Sharma

4) Nita N. Kumar

5) Manpreet Kaur

6) Nupur Mittal

7) Arpit Kumar

8) Rishiraj Pathak.

Student Editors

1) Shakshi Singh

2) Nimisha Bharadwaj

3) Vaishali Bhatia

4) Nidhi Tiwari