Principal's Message

Welcome to Shyama Prasad Mukherji College, in short, SPM College!

First my message to our students:

We -- the teachers, the staff and I -- want you to have a most wonderful time in the three years you spend at the College. We want you to grow intellectually, to set high goals and achieve them, to find your vocation, to exercise your talents, and to have a lot of fun doing all these things. We are there to support you in your growth and to provide every facility that we can for your academic as well as personal development.

My special message to you, students, is to learn to become responsible persons. It is our duty to provide you with the best facilities but the onus of using those facilities responsibly is on you. Attend all your classes, fare well in examinations, and participate in a variety of co-curricular activities. If you do not attend classes, know that you are wasting precious national resources that have been provided for you in the form of highly accomplished teachers and well-equipped classrooms. If you do not keep your campus clean, if you’re not disciplined, if you’re not polite and respectful to your colleagues and others around you, then you’re failing to be “educated” in the fullest sense of the word. Understand the value of education in its holistic sense, and teach it to others.

Excel in your chosen academic field and also learn to be thinking and responsible citizens of the modern world. You have the opportunity of higher education that is denied to large numbers of people in the country and worldwide. It becomes your duty and an obligation to make the best use of the opportunity and then to carry the benefits to the society at large, especially those denied the chance you’ve had.

Involvement in the community life is an integral and a very important aspect of institutional life. As you know, we have a very active NSS Centre in the College, and many of you participate in its activities. But you need to go beyond the mere technicalities of fulfilling the requirements and get into the spirit behind it. Keep your eyes open and see where you can make a contribution to the society. If you come up with some good ideas, bring them to us and we’ll try to implement those.

Know what is happening in the world and around you. Be global as well as local. Combine the best qualities that you can learn from the world and from around yourself.

Besides NSS, you have the option of joining NCC and various sports and games that are played and taught in the College. These activities will hone your personality and will help you learn the valuable lessons of team-spirit.

We constantly strive to make the best technology available to you. Visit your library regularly and make use of the physical as well as technological resources. Read and borrow books, read newspapers, journals and magazines, and use the computers to access the internet.

Dear students, if you have any problems, tell your teachers, or the office staff, or come to me. You can connect with us personally as well as electronically. There is even a traditional drop-box where you can drop us a paper message. The email id where you can send me a mail is

Now my message to the online visitor to our College website:

Welcome! You will find a brief description of the college and its resources under the heading About the College and a rather detailed record in the link called “SPM College Self Study Report (SSR) for NAAC”. And of course, the entire site is there for you explore and discover the various aspects of life at SPM College. The details of departments, courses, teachers, infrastructure, events, timetable, and various other kinds of information are all provided on this site. If you need any more information, please feel free to write to us at


Dr. Sadhna Sharma
Acting / Officiating Principal