Vision of SPM College

The motto of our college is 'tejasvi naavadhimastu' which may be translated as “May our efforts at learning be luminous, joyful and driven by a sense of purpose”. Our vision is to produce committed citizens, with sound knowledge, skills and strong moral and ethical character, who are devoted to the progress of the nation. The college stands for academic excellence, and it endeavors to create an environment of learning, critical thinking and fearless self-expression. S.P.M. wishes to achieve a beautiful blend of modernity and tradition in material and spiritual values. Our efforts are to weave these ideas in the personality of young girls, thus enabling them to steer society in the right direction. We strive to achieve the following:

  •  To contribute to the advancement of knowledge through teaching, learning and research.
  •  To groom our students for leadership by imparting quality and socially relevant knowledge.
  •  To develop aptitude and skills in students to face the challenges of globalised society.
  •  To make education relevant.
  •  To promote educational programs in various disciplines of knowledge with synergistic interaction with society and industry.
  •  To inculcate values of equality, unity, coexistence, harmony and justice through education.
  •  To produce confident, dedicated, honest and upright individuals


  • To ensure effective implementation of the curriculum through latest teaching-learning practices.
  • To continuously enrich the overall educational experience of the students through exposure to the challenges of society and job market.
  • To forge ahead with the changing times and to make the institution’s presence felt in globally competitive higher education by synergizing healthy practices with institutional management.
  • To equip students with necessary skills and competencies for better employability.
  • To provide a free environment to the students for  a frank expression of ideas.
  • To promote the rule of law, merit, discipline, selflessness, integrity, objectivity, openness, honesty and high ethical standards, amongst the students.

Based on the collective strength of its dedicated faculty, an efficient administrative staff and the enthusiastic students, the college is emerging as one of the pillars of the edifice of higher education in the University of Delhi.


These visions and objectives of the college are clearly stated in the college prospectus received by the students at the time of the admission. These are also clearly stated on the college website, as well as embodied in the College Song.